Theth, Albania Alps, qumsht e bore

Destinations in Theth

The excursionist that seeks to discover Theth will not be disappointed at all. There he can find natural landscapes to breathtaking, inebriating flower fragrances and melodious chirps of birds. No doubt, Theth’s tourist offer is very rich. Tourists can feel the pure nature, discover a new culture, recover the soul and relax the body. If you are in search of the unknown, Theth will give you the pleasure of the adventure that all your being will perceive and enjoy. Everyone, adults and juveniles, young and less young, sports types or those who seek for quiet, in Theth can find something special… or everything!

Some of the Activities that can be developed in Theth are:

Cultural activities

Assumption of Mary
16 August is the feast of Assumption of Mary and is celebrated with the daughters married away from the village, and on this date they come back in the family where they grew up together with their children . Assumption of Mary ( read more )

Natural activities

Walking / Marching From
Thethi you may walk with the help of a tour giude throughout the wonderful footpaths for a few days. It would take more or less three to five hours to see some of the most beautiful and interesants places of Thethi such as ( read more )