The waterfall of Gjecaj in Theth

Natural activities at Villa Gjeçaj


Visitors of Theth may walk with the help of a tour guide throughout the wonderful footpaths for a few days. It would take more or less three to five hours to see some of the points of interest in and around Theth.


There are some possible places in Theth where you can hunt for the river trout. The most suitable places for fishing are the so called Kolaj Bridge and Gerla Bridge, where there is a wonderful place to swim as well.


Rowing can be done very well in autumn and spring when Theth River has abundant water from the melting snow and the rainfalls.

Mountain Cycling Tour

The mountain cycling tour following the way from Koplik to Theth through the pass of Thore (1773 m above sea level), and from Theth along the rivers Shala and Kiri in the direction of Shkodra (Bogë, Theth, Breglumi, Shosh, Kir, Shkodra; roughly 100 km of unpaved road) for all those who practice cyclism would be one of the best mountain cyclist tours through some of the most beautiful panoramas Albania can offer.

Rock Climbing/Speleology

During the last years alpinists from different countries have arrived in Theth to explore its different caves and to discover unexplored ones. Tour guides can take new explorers to some of the caves. The most famous one is that of the top of Harapi. The tunnels inside the cave bring to three inner lakes. In this kind of exhibition climbers must be well prepared with all the necessary equipments that are needed to go through caves that are some 900 m high which is very challenging.

Walking in the Snow

A real adventure in the Albanian Alps is winter tourism. In winter the inhabitants of Theth use special tools called ‘Rrathë’ which are made of wood. With this kind of equipment visitors can walk from Boga to Theth and after staying for a while in Theth they can continue to Valbona or return to Boga. Part of this route can be followed even by skiing.

Parachute jumping

One of the activities in the mountains of Theth can be the parachute jumping as the rugged landscape well favor this kind of sport