Thethi climate

Thethi climateThethi climate is quite favorable for tourism. Its characteristics are cold winter with snow up to 2 meters, and cool summers. There are many places in the mountain peaks where snow does not melt throughout the year. In Thethi you can breathe fresh air rich with Jon, who descends from the mountains, “pastures” in the valley, and the glisten blue sky of a high quality, stored inside the deep valleys. The use of rich UV rays, especially at 9 °°, are very healthy for the people.
Thethi National Park has a harsh climate in winter, with heavy snowfall ranging from 1.5 m in low areas up to 3 m on the peaks. The park has an average of 2900-3000 mm rainfall per year. It takes the second place in Albania after Boga for the rainfall. Temperatures vary from +20 ºC to +30 ºC in July and 14 ºC to -20 ºC in winter. Thethi has about 110 sunny days.