Villa Gjeçaj is a perl located in the heart of Thethit National Park, famous for its beauty, only 250 m from the village center . Between the tranquility, fresh air, where nature reveals its stunning beauty, you have the chance to enjoy a traditional kitchen with home cooked food, cooked and served by the lady of the house.


Villa Gjeçaj is a gem located in the heart of Thethi National Park, famous for its beauty, only 250 meters from the village center. It is not like in Swiss Alps but modestly said it’s the best accommodation in all Thethi Valley. Amongst the peace and tranquility of the surroundings, the fresh air and pristine beauty where nature reveals its stunning beauty, you have the chance to enjoy a traditional kitchen with homemade food, cooked by the Lady of the House, Mrs. Lula Gjeçaj. Villa Gjeçaj’s architecture prevails, with respect of the traditional building, bringing the best of stone and wood carving, crafts characteristic of Shala region. Thank to that traditional craftsman Villa Gjeçaj elegantly combines the old techniques with modern style, all can be seen on the details in each rooms’s design, on the restaurant area and the exterior walls, doors and windows of the Villa. The complex is made out of two buildings, the Guesthouse which preserves Gjeçaj’s family experience of changes for over ninety years and the Residence built in 2013, always based on the traditional building that Shala region righteously takes pride on.
The centuries old Roman Catholic Church of Thethi, the Museum of the Village, the famously known “Kulla e Ngujimit”, (Shutter Tower), and other historical sites, give you the chance of experiencing the unknown. As for the enchanted nature of Thethi, words can only come short to describe that, it can only be enjoyed there. Thethi’s is surrounded by a crown of various mountain peaks, in total there over ten peaks that top two thousand meters,( six thousand and five hundred feets).
From Thethi Valley one can start some unforgettable Alpine treks to Valbona, to Vermoshi, to Nikaj-Merturi region, to Boga and Razma regions, offering the opportunity for mountain climbing, enjoying the indescribable scenery, like Thethi’s Waterfall, located roughly 3.5 km, (2.1 miles),from Villa Gjeçaj, known as the most beautiful waterfall of the Albanian Alps. Another hidden gem discovered only last decade, is the “Blue Eye” of northern Albania, a secret revealed to the world. This place is natures sanctuary, a place erll preserved in the middle of the woods, on Thethi’s neighboring village of Kaprre, about twenty minutes by car on a dirt road and nearly fifty minutes hiking from where the dirt road ends. Once you come down from the adventure of discovering the “Blue Eye” you can also make a stop at “Nderlysa Tubs” a very interesting natural phenomena caused by the rivers stream erosion of the limestone rocks on the rivers bank. The crystal clear waters filling up those tubs are so inviting, giving the opportunity of some really rare experience of this unique bathing.

The Guesthouse & the Residence

The traditional stone building was constructed in 1922 with wood floors and ceilings, fireplace and family’s kitchen. Since 2007 it is slowly transformed into a guesthouse for tourists, with minor and big reconstructions, always maintaining the traditional while adding comfort and raising standards for better and more efficient service accommodating the guests. Right now is composed of 15 bedrooms, with a total capacity of 33 guests. The old guesthouse did undergo a new reconstructed from 2016 and now all rooms have the same standard and comfort. Each room have the bathroom inside, white linen, lamp, liquid soap and bedroom slippers. All rooms are combined with a mix of traditional and modern style which came as a response to the demands of our customers for rooms with high standards but in the same time wanted to experience the uniqueness of an Albanian household atmosphere, its authentic flavor.
The Residence is the other building which is composed of five rooms. Three of those rooms have balconies, overlooking the fantastic view of the entire Thethi’s Valley. The Residence also has a double room, a triple or a family room with balcony, bathrooms and showers included.

triple room with balcony Villa Gjecaj

The common areas

The restaurant area is placed in the first floor of the Guesthouse, with an area of 55 square meters, newly refurnished with a new modern design to give it more light and an welcoming atmophere, with a fireplace at both ends and seating capacity of 36 – 44 people.
Besides that there is the outside area with eight dinning tables where people can enjoy a meal at every time. The kitchen offers a daily fixed menu but flexible to guests requests, with a self service breakfast, lunch box offer and snacks or full meal at almost every time of the day. Children menu and vegetarian friendly menue upon request.
In our spaceful garden people can enjoy family stay with children playing in the front yard or backyard, some others just relaxing reading a book amidst the natures tranquility and the river of Shala sounds coming from the onflow.
Outside there is the barbecue area, ready to cook grilled meat or vegetables, and the fire oven where we prepare most of the main dishes from our traditional cooking like the albanian pie or mamma’s cake.
Parking is never a problem, a spacious parking, free and safe parking is at our entrance that can take more than 15 cars.
For those interested on knowing what the Albanian countryside life is, our garden, greenhouse and cows hut offer a great experience. Those who want to show their children the animals like the cows, the pig, the chicken or the guarding dog
By next year, for 2018, we will add the playground space for children.