Wherever possible, we source our ingredients from producers in the region; we also grow vegetables and fruit on the premises.

The flowering meadows around the valley attract the bees that make our wonderful-tasting home honey


Growing in the hotel’s own garden are different varieties of vegetables, herbs, salads and strawberries.

Whenever he can, our chefs include ingredients sourced from the garden in accordance with the season.

Guests are welcome to visit our greenhouse and  the orchard. Discover the carrots and feel free to pick the fresh strawbarries from our open garden.


We are particularly proud of the Hotel Villa Gjecaj honey, which is produced from our bees. Our beekeeper is our mother, Mrs. Lula who take care of them from a lot of years by now.

The bees (Apis mellifera carnica – an especially peaceful species) are kept on the premises and contribute much to the Thethi’s ecosystem.
The honey is included as an ingredient in the food and part of the breakfast that we serve. Although we have 10 bee houses, all of it is consumed during the tourism season


Our cows house count of four to six cows, some pigs and a few chickens

The father of the family, Mr. Ndoc, takes care of all of them. Each one of the cows have a specific name and he call them by name. He sent them every morning to the meadows in the premises and bring them back in the evening.

Part of the meat and diaries for our restaurant comes from our animals.

Everybody is welcomed to visit our cows house and to see our simple way of how we grow and take care of them.


With the milk of our cows we use to produce our home white cheese, butter, yougurt and fresh milk which are used from our Chef for cooking or fresh served for breakfast.

During the winter time, when there are no tourists, our mother use to produce and save all the cheese and butter for the new season.

Also we use to produce at home even the ham according our traditional albanian way


With the barries in premises, strawbarries from our garden and the local fruits like Cornelian berries – Cornus Mas, we use to produce our homemade jam and juices according to the fruits season.

The juice is used as an welcome drink for every guest and can be offered as many times as they want.



Guests of the Villa Gjecaj are particularly fond of their lamb or small goat meat, which comes from animals farmed on the high meadows of the golf of Peja.

The shepherds from the high meadows use to produce themselves the cheese with the high quantity of sheep milk, in accordance with the traditional tecniques use from hundrit year.

The shepherds respect the animals and are passionate about the quality of their product.

Every weekend, during the high season, they use to bring in Villa Gjecaj two lambs and a quantity of cheese. We are proud to serve to our guest fresh and organic food.



Among the variety of wines we use to serve in our restaurant, Arbri is the most chosen one from our guests. This is an Albanian wine produced with the autochthonuos variety of grape Kallmet. This grape is grown in a very wellnoun area of vineyards in Bukmira, which have an old tradition on vine producers in Albania. This wine has win its prestige from the international prices they got in the last few years and it’s very good exported in EU and USA.
This is also a family business, where the son of the family, the new generation, is one of the best new oenologists in Albania, who have studied abroad

Kantina Arberi

Kantina Duka


The farmers of this area use to leave with their land production of a large variety of vegetables but in small quantitu, which are grown in an organic way and on a family bases. For this reason we have choose them to cover our request for vegetables before they are ready in our greenhouse, which are matured two months later than on the fields of Shkodra region.

Accept of our need for vegetables this is even a social impact that we want to contribute, to help grow other family businesses and earn they won incomes from what they know to do best.