Ndoc, the father of the family, is a 71 years old man who wake up at early morning and work around the house taking care of the garden and the cows house, till late evening without stoping.

Lula, the lady of the house, is a 64 years old women which started this business just cooking some cookies for the summer school on the valley from 2006. Now she takes care of the cooking and run with her son and his wife.

Leze, is the doughter of the house and is a teacher in the city, but the spent all the two months on the summer to give a hand whenever neccessary in the guesthouse activities.

Petrit, is the son of the family and works at the General Prosecutor’s Office, but is a apasionate of Thethi and albanian alps and he cover in distance the role of the marketing director for Villa Gjecaj and Thethi Guide website.

Aida, Petrits wife, left her career of ten years on women artisan enterpreneurship projects to join the family business. She speaks english and italian. Her main duty is as hostes to welcome guests and take care on their needs regarding logistics or any other inquery.
Petrit & Aida, are raising two wonderful doughters while all the family together ensure that things run smoothly while.

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